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Emotion is the soul of music is what Pandit SuhasVyas believes and that is how he leads his life. A life which is dedicated to living music, breathing music, performing not only to regale, but to enjoy  the music that he himself creates, and his constant endeavour to imbibe in his audiences this principle that he believes in. The all consuming passion to become a Hindustani vocalist has made him the fantastic artiste that he is.

Born on October 26, 1949 in Osmanabad, Suhas started imbibing musical values and training at a very tender age and before he knew music had become his raison de’etre.The early times of his life as a student were spent in deep influences of giants in Hindustani Classical music and then the most difficult part of discovering his own self in music. He had the privilege of being guided and mentored by none other than the genius of his illustrious father Padmabhushan Pandit C.R. Vyas , who taught him to think like a musician. Though he was guided by a towering personality, Panditji was born with artistic qualities, the one which cannot be taught but have to be in born, the major one being the madness, or for want of a better word the undying passion to become an artiste, till a time comes when onecannot separate the art from the artiste. 

Listening to Suhasji’s music one can discern the immense intensity and the method that he has put into the madness. The underlying emotions never get side-lined in the music. There is no attempt to bely the fundamental elements of the raag, instead there is an evolutionary quality in the music which unfolds taking its own time. Almost like the natural and timely blossoming of a flower. It leaves a lasting imprint on the mind, not only an impression but the imprint of the emotion that he expresses through the raag. The raag itself becomes the emotion which is the hallmark of Indian music. Although he belongs to the traditional discipline of three different gharanas i.e. Gwalior,Agra, and Kirana he has a style uniquely his own which has a tempered flavor of his father’s gayaki, and his distinctively individual style.


As an artiste he has many tangible achievements to his credit, he has performed in most prestigious festivals in India as well as abroad, he has cut CD’s, he has directed a musical play, t.v. serials, he has numerous students who are aspiring to become musicians, but the most important of all these achievements is the reality that he became an artiste in the true sense of the word, one who believes that art is above everything else.


Suhas Vyas is today recognized as a torch bearer of the ancient traditions as well as carrying forward the renaissance movement of Indian classical music. His performances are marked with a deep and learned interpretation of the raga and a sense of rediscovering the tradition. His concerts are marked with innate beauty and poise and noted for systematic rendition of compositions that is tied strongly to the traditions that he has learned in. Suhas has been performing on prestigious platforms all over the country and abroad. He is also a graded artist at All India Radio and has cut Several CD’s and cassette tapes. Suhasji has been promoting the cause of Indian Classical music by training several students and conducting lecture demonstrations both, in India and Abroad


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